Monday, February 28, 2011

The Very Last Minute is the Best One

It's true, sister dear. The last minute is better than all the ones before and certainly better than all those after! Isn't the last bite the one you savor the most? The last look the longest? The last sniff of a fragrant blossom the deepest? So which letter would you prefer: the perfunctory middle of the month "blah," or the clever and creative attempt to play off the procrastination accusation? So . . .

Dear Sister,

I love you. I feel guilty for not having contacted our other sisters about contributing yet. I had a good day at school. I changed my decorations from hearts to shamrocks today. I will start teaching my kids about prepositions tomorrow. I think Shepherd Smith on Fox News is amusing and attractive. I used to love his ties. I ate tuna, mashed potatoes, and a salad for supper. I think Mom's going to kill Jack if he keeps being such a nut-dog. I watched the movie "Buried" yesterday. I will never watch anything with Ryan Reynolds again. I don't know if you've noticed and appreciated. I am really working hard to start every sentence with the word "I." I hope you realize what a challenge that can be. I am going to go now. I will write again soon. I miss you. I hope you write me back soon.



  1. Dear I,

    What was so bad about Buried? It had to have been terrible for you to decide that you were never going to watch The Green Lantern when it comes out as a movie this year.

  2. WHAT? but I want to watch Green Lantern . . . but I really hate Ryan Reynolds . . . conundrum . . .