Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Title of the Blog is ALL WRONG

Yes, it's true. My seester can't spell. As a family, we're embarrassed about it, and we try not to draw too much attention to it but there it is: she can't spell. Because if she could spell, she would know how to write the word "seester." You see, the way we were raised, "'I' says i as in indian, 'I' says i, i, i." (A Beka's big on phonics.) But I'm guessing she was checked out at that point in kindergarten. Wait! that's probably one of those grades she skipped! I told people you going to college at 16 was a big mistake - you didn't even know how to spell "sister!"

Well, here I am setting the record straight:

The word is "seester." Spelled: S-E-E-S-T-E-R.

Your Seester

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rules to Write By

1. Every author that joins this blog MUST contribute a post at least once a month.
2. Comments can only be completely approved after EVERY author has read them and only by one author. (I'm nominating myself for the approval position since this was my idea. :-)
3. Comments may be used by an author to respond to another author's post if the post was not directed to the author commenting.
a. If the post was directed entirely at another author, but only contains one or two questions for the second author, the author to whom the post was written can choose to answer the questions in the comments section.
b. If the second author's response is longer than a paragraph, the second author must respond with a post, not in the comments.

To Rachelle Carmen

Dear Seester,

This. Is going to be fun. :-)

Loser Lucy