Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Title of the Blog is ALL WRONG

Yes, it's true. My seester can't spell. As a family, we're embarrassed about it, and we try not to draw too much attention to it but there it is: she can't spell. Because if she could spell, she would know how to write the word "seester." You see, the way we were raised, "'I' says i as in indian, 'I' says i, i, i." (A Beka's big on phonics.) But I'm guessing she was checked out at that point in kindergarten. Wait! that's probably one of those grades she skipped! I told people you going to college at 16 was a big mistake - you didn't even know how to spell "sister!"

Well, here I am setting the record straight:

The word is "seester." Spelled: S-E-E-S-T-E-R.

Your Seester

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  1. ahahahaha! You are SO mean to me! And, I did spell it correctly when I wrote you your first letter. Duh! Just didn't want to confuse the rest of the world with our Claytorisms, just yet.

    Did you ask Alicia to join us yet?